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Client :

Mr. Ferdinand

Start Date :

14 December 2023

End Date

15 December 2023

About The Brand

At Homagrill BBQ, they’re all about sizzling up unforgettable moments. With their expertise in grilling and a passion for flavor, they specialize in crafting BBQ experiences that leave taste buds tingling and guests craving more. Whether it’s a backyard bash, a family reunion, or a corporate gathering, they bring the heat and the flavor to every occasion. From juicy steaks to mouthwatering ribs, their grill masters ensure each bite is packed with perfection. Trust them at Homagrill BBQ to fire up your event and leave a smoky, delicious memory that lingers long after the last ember fades.

01. The Challenge

Before working with Homagrill BBQ, they faced several challenges in boosting sales and reaching their target audience effectively. Limited brand visibility, fierce competition in the BBQ industry, difficulty in differentiating their products from competitors, and inconsistent marketing strategies were among the obstacles they encountered. These challenges made it challenging to attract new customers and retain existing ones, resulting in stagnant sales growth and missed opportunities for expansion.

02. The Solution

The solution outlined in the sales flyer involved a multifaceted approach to address Homagrill BBQ’s sales challenges. By distributing flyers and mounting posters in strategic locations, I aimed to increase brand visibility and capture the attention of potential customers. Additionally, I implemented targeted advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience and differentiate their products from competitors. 


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